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LP805A Fingerprint lock LP818

LP818 fingerprint and code lock with sliding lid,
touch screen, finger reader and emergency key
A perfect electronic handle for your lever operated multi-point lock, anti-panic or standard mortise lock: durable, reliable, robust, yet with a modern look.

100 fingerprints
100 pin codes
emergency key
direction of rotation: universal left or right

This is the latest fingerprint and PIN lock that truly realises rare beauty, security and convenience with the highest quality components. Unlike most of the smart locks you see on the market, they offer a modern and elegant design with clean lines. This lock fits on various European standard mortise locks.
The weatherproof sliding cover protects the touchscreen against rain, snow, hail, stones and external forces. The touchscreen keyboard is made of tempered glass with a digital display.
You do not need to choose your left or right hand direction of rotation when ordering.
Mechanical keys can be used in an emergency.
Power supply: 3 AA batteries, low power consumption. When the battery is empty, the lock gives a low power alarm.
LP818 fingerprint bio-metric access lock is an intelligent and highly secured product. User registration, deletion and mode selection are all quickly and easily programmed via a touchscreen keyboard, requiring no special skills or training.

There are several ways to unlock. You can unlock with registered fingerprint, PIN, and combination of fingerprint and PIN, and emergency key.
It has a virtual memory capacity for 99 user fingerprints, fingerprint verification is done with high speed and efficiency.
Up to 99 PIN can be programmed to unlock the door.
It is also possible to add 1 pin code to the internal keyboard. From the inside you can unlock it with a PIN or turn the handle down. The internally optional pin code offers double security.
This lock is suitable for home, apartment, office, warehouse and other applications.


Housing and Handle Material:              Zinc Alloy 
Power Supply:Alkaline Batteries,          4.5V (DC1.5VAA x 3)
Static Power Consumption:                  10~25uA
Working Voltage:                                3.6~4.5V
Fingerprint Scanner:                           Optical Blue
False Acceptance Rate(FAR):               Less than 0.0001% <0.0001%
False Rejection Rate (FRR):                 Less than 0.01%<0.01%
User Capacity
100 fingerprint users,
100 PIN code users
Key Override
Emergency Access:                            Backup key
IP65 rated
Working Humidity:                             20 to 90% Relative Humidity
Colour:                                             standard colour is with SILVER body and BLACK sliding cover.
We can supply locks in WHITE colour.  Minimum order with different colour is 50 pcs.



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