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Biometric Access System
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BioACS "iPASS"© 

Access Control System by ArtGuard Security with touch screen scanner!

  • Yes, your fingerprint is your key!

  • 4-IN-1 ways to enter: fingerprint, Mifare card, PIN code, RF opener

  • Access control and Time registration

  • Stand-alone or NCS (Network control system) setup.

  • Biometric technology makes it possible to allow access to rooms and spaces based on your own fingerprint.

  •  ArtGuard / Polymath BioACS (L301T-JE) - Fingerprint Access Control System (ACS) is designed to allow only authorized personnel and visitor's access to secure areas within your facility. Entry possible using: fingerprint, PIN-code, Mifare card or RF Opener! Administrator sets up entry modes based on company's policy.

  • Quick Installation
  • Network Enabled
  • Central Control
  • High Memory Capacity
  • Multi-Level Administration
  • Alarm Settings
  • Double-Control Function: (Optional)
  • Coercive Unlock Under Emergencies
  • Event Log Records
  • It makes the centralized settings of WHO has access to WHICH door and WHEN to access/exit. 
    Employing the Latest technology with its innovative Optical Scanner, the system offers an easy enrollment & verification process and features an optional Fingerprint or Password authentication mode. 
    ArtGuard / Polymath BioACS is a fraud-free, complete easy-to-use computerized access control and recording system. It allows you to securely control who has access to certain areas at defined times, and to log user access event history.
        Unlock the door with the verification of registered fingerprint only. If required, additional Password interrogation offers an even higher level of security.
        The system includes software, clocking-in terminal, communications cables, 'Getting Started' guide, and full installation manual. Since the software is completely menu-driven it is easily installed & exceptionally User-Friendly. A typical installation takes less than one hour. Individuals can then be registered to the system in a matter of minutes!
        Once registered with the Host PC, the user information and access settings are downloaded to each respective ACU. With its unique intelligence of independent processing, the ACU enables Standalone Mode operation without connection to the Host PC. In this condition, the Polymath-BioACS functions just like a single door access control system.
        All enrolment, management and controlling operations are performed at the host PC and then downloaded to each assigned Access Controller by the System Administrator (SA). The SA makes the centralized settings of WHO has access to WHICH door and WHEN to access/exit.
        One Access controller can store 1000 users. Each user can register three fingerprints. (two for normal access and one for alarm access under emergency situation).
        There are two management levels in the system. Administrator can set up functions, choose users. User fingerprint can only open doors but not enter.
        Alarms for illegal access attempts, tampering with fingerprints, power loss and illegal disassembling attempts.
        Can control two-fingerprint scanners. Both in and out are controlled by fingerprint verification.
        Whenever there is any emergency, the administrator can coercively unlock all the doors on the central host computer.
        System Administration and door access records can be download to the Host PC to provide detailed information such as user log of when and where an event occurred. Each ACU is capable of storing 30,000 entrance/exit events.


  • ArtGuard Security     -    The Best Biometric Solution  
     Access Controller Quantity to the system requirements One controller can maximally be connected with two scanners for 
    entry & exit control
     Fingerprint Scanner Quantity to the system requirements  
     Fingerprint Device(FRD) One for the entire system  
     Electric/Magnetic Lock   Provided by buyers
     Indoor Unlocking Button 1 piece Provided by buyers
     Computer 1 set Provided by buyers
     Software 1 set An integral part of the System
  • Software
  •     The core of the ArtGuard PolyMath BioACS is the 32-bit software, designed to run on Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, Vista, wiondows7 and Windows 8. The software's minimum requirements are a Pentium 133 with 32 MB RAM, as well as a free USB port.
  • Hardware
  •     One BioACS system consists of one Access Controller, Fingerprint Scanner with optional Fingerprint desktop device(FDD). The keypad is enclosed in a induastrial heavy plastic body or (option) powder-coated aluminium console with a backlit LCD display, internal buzzer, and red and green diodes. 
        The unit is connected to the PC via network.
     Are you searching for the right access control solution for       your business?

    We specialize in customized biometric solutions :
    1-Handles with built-in fingerprint scanners.
    Material: Stainless Steel, Brass.
    Size and shape: custom built as per client requirements.
    2-Biometric optical readers (FBI certified).
    3-Biometric semi-conductor fingerprint readers.
    4-Face recognition
    5-Iris recognition
    6-Finger-Vein recognition

    Installation: wall or flush mount.
    Version: Network or stand-alone
    Superior craftsmanship! Interested?

    Call +31(0)113 270360 or
    send your inquiry by e-mail 

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    is a unique fingerprint lock made of stainless steel
    Can be used with cyilinder operated multipoint lock
    Safe and reliable
    with fingerprint reader
    round 33 mmround 33 mm

    build in
    your door
    We make it easy 2
    FV100 4

    Automatic detection cctv


    is ideal to monitor actual presence of  employees or guests in any particular room at any time of the day. It can be used in banks, manufacturing plants, corporations, hospitals, government institutions, even hotels and retirement homes - possibilities are endless. You may install as many systems as you want and connect them to your main computer.




    Scanner dimensions

    H 120 x W 185 x D 30 mm


    1 year

    Power supply for system

    230V in - 12 V out/backup power


    TCP/IP 10/100Mbps or RS485


    PX matrix

    Fingerprint Scanner

    optical CMOS

    False Rejection Rate (FRR)

    < 0,01%

    False Acceptance Rate (FAR)

    < 0,0001%

    Processing Time

    < 1 sec

    Number of Users

    3000 / 5000*

    Emergency Device

    PIN / urgent opening

    Working Temperature

    -20 - +50°C

    Working Humidity

    20 - 80%

    Memory capacity

    30.000 Operations

    *please make selection when ordering

    Contact us with your needs and we will find The Best Solution for you.



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