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Utilizing 21st Century Fingerprint Technology, the LP802 series of fingerprint locks combines security and convenience together. There is no longer a need to fear losing keys or forgetting passwords. The advanced design of the LP802 series is suitable for homes or offices.



  • convenient one-touch fingerprint access with emergency PIN code access, or in a pinch, manual key override access (LP802A)
  • accurate fingerprint scanning
  • safety first design always allows door to be opened from inside in case of emergency
  • easy to operate key pad makes registration, deletion, and mode programming simple
  • can also be special-ordered with an inside remote control, audit trail feature or constant open mode
  •  unique and attractive stainless steel finish
  • can also be delivered in gold-mirror or chrome finish
  • remarkable durability - bio metric sensor is scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable
  • five latch mortise with deadbolt included
  • adaptable for outside use under severe environmental conditions
  • advanced bio-mechanical design provides a futuristic appearance
  • low power alert - audible warning to replace batteries
  • ships in an elegant aluminium alloy case


Measurements 226 x 80 x 38 mm (8.9" x 3.2" c 1")

Warranty 1 year

Power: Batteries 5 x 1.5V AA batteries

Emergency power 1 x DC9V battery

Dynamic Power Consumption 90 - 190 mA

Static Power Consumption <30 mA

Fingerprint Scanner optical CMOS

False Rejection Rate (FRR) < 0,01%

False Acceptance Rate (FAR) < 0,0001%

Scanning Time < 1 sec

Number of Users 99 (recommended 30)

Backup method PIN / Manual Key Override

Battery life spam 4000-5000 Operations

Working temperature -20 - +50C

Working humidity 20 - 80%

Door thickness 3 - 5 cm (1..4"- 2")

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Fingerprint Lock LP802
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Fingerprint Lock LP802

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