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Utilizing 21st Century Fingerprint Technology, the LP802 series of fingerprint locks combines security and convenience together. There is no longer a need to fear losing keys or forgetting passwords. The advanced design of the LP802 series is suitable for homes or offices.



  • convenient one-touch fingerprint access with emergency PIN code access, or in a pinch, manual key override access (LP802A)
  • accurate fingerprint scanning
  • safety first design always allows door to be opened from inside in case of emergency
  • easy to operate key pad makes registration, deletion, and mode programming simple
  • can also be special-ordered with an inside remote control, audit trail feature or constant open mode
  •  unique and attractive stainless steel finish
  • can also be delivered in gold-mirror or chrome finish
  • remarkable durability - bio metric sensor is scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable
  • five latch mortise with deadbolt included
  • adaptable for outside use under severe environmental conditions
  • advanced bio-mechanical design provides a futuristic appearance
  • low power alert - audible warning to replace batteries
  • ships in an elegant aluminium alloy case


Measurements 226 x 80 x 38 mm (8.9" x 3.2" c 1")

Warranty 1 year

Power: Batteries 5 x 1.5V AA batteries

Emergency power 1 x DC9V battery

Dynamic Power Consumption 90 - 190 mA

Static Power Consumption <30 mA

Fingerprint Scanner optical CMOS

False Rejection Rate (FRR) < 0,01%

False Acceptance Rate (FAR) < 0,0001%

Scanning Time < 1 sec

Number of Users 99 (recommended 30)

Backup method PIN / Manual Key Override

Battery life spam 4000-5000 Operations

Working temperature -20 - +50C

Working humidity 20 - 80%

Door thickness 3 - 5 cm (1..4"- 2")

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Fingerprint locks are the pinnacle of modern mechatronics industry. They combine optical, electronic and mechanical parts in one system that serves to make our environment safer and controllable. Your building, house or any room are safer from access point of view: only registered users may and can enter. We offer variety of biometric locks: with face recognition scanner, fingerprint reader, combination of face, fingerprint, card, password and backup key, standalone or network locks, with usb port and multiple additional entry choices: Bluetooth, NFC or Z-wave technologie, etc.

Call +31 113270360 or send e-mail with your request or to discuss your particular needs.


LP802 Fingerprint lock
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