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We supply the best Biometric Access Control Solution for your business, organization or home.

 We specialize in customized biometric solutions :
Fingerprint Locks
BioTronic Handles with built-in fingerprint scanners.
Semiconductor or optical readers
Face recognition terminals
Iris recognition terminals
Finger-Vein recognition terminals
Installation: wall or flush mount.
Version: Network or stand-alone
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WebwinkelKeur Webwinkel Keurmerk
information buttob
is a unique fingerprint lock made of stainless steel
Can be used with cyilinder operated multipoint lock
Safe and reliable
T501 imageT501 image




BioTronic Reader
Flush or Wall mount
why buy a fingerprint lock
BioTronic Handle
with fingerprint reader
round 33 mmround 33 mm
We make it easy 2
FV100 4

Automatic detection cctv
WiFi Intercom  2
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Support & FAQ

Fingerprint recognition system installed on luxury yacht

21 April, 2017| E. Gutman

Fingerprint recognition system build in luxury yacht 

ArtGuard was chosen to supply custom made fingerprint access control systems for luxury yacht built by the world-renowned shipyard.

Touch and go...Wish u fair wind and calm seas. Bon, voyage!

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