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Iščete po meri izdelan sistem prstnih odtisov?
Specializirani smo v proizvodnji biometričnih rešitev:

Ročaji z vgrajenim čitalnikom prstnih odtisov.

Material: medenina, nerjavno jeklo.
Velikost in oblika: po meri izdelani na zahtevo odjemalca.
Biometrični optični ali semikonduktorski čitalniki.

Montaža: na ali v vrata oziroma stenska ali podometna montaža
Različica: Netwok ali samostojna
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Why buy a fingerprint lock?

We moved from caves to homes thousands of years ago and there the need to protect our property arose: the key was born.
Since that long gone time, we are used to carrying keys, lots of keys. It seems like we were born with the key in the hand.


But technology did not stop with the mechanical key. We developed electronic and optical devices and put them in one body: fingerprint lock was born.
A mechanical key can be lost, stolen or duplicated.
Biometric technology offers us unprecedented possibilities. We are able to use our own biometric features to our advance: we have become the key to our own world.

Our fingerprint locks are a fine-tuned combination of optics, electronics, and mechanics. This technology is mature and proven. It offers comfort, safety, and security.

You do not need to be a daredevil to buy one of our locks. It will serve you well for many years to come.

We obey the new rules that stipulate a 14-day EU-wide withdrawal period for distance and off-premises sales (where the consumer cannot see the good before buying it) during which consumers may change their minds.
Click on Support&FAQ button to find out more.

We offer a 2-year warranty and excellent after-sales service.

Question: I see some fingerprint and code locks which model name starts with LP?

Answer: The power of LP series locks is versatile usage: can be used with standard mortise, lever-operated or cylinder operated systems.  

Question: I have lever-operated multipoint mortise on my door. Which fingerprint lock fits with it?

Answer: The best choice is the LP805A fingerprint lock from LP series if you want to keep your lever-operated mortise. Read more…


I have cylinder-operated multipoint mortise on my door. Which fingerprint lock fits with it?

Answer: The best choice is the LP809A fingerprint lock.  Read more…


Question: What about all other fingerprint locks in your webshop?

Answer: all other models which do not belong to LP serie come with their own mortise. You must use the mortise that belongs to a particular model.

Question: I have an electric closing plate in my door frame. Which fingerprint scanner do you recommend?

Answer: We recommend a wall-mount version of BioReader for a stand-alone solution (single door, no network). Read more.


Question: I have an electric lock in my door wing. Which fingerprint scanner do you recommend?


Answer: We recommend a flush-mount version of BioReader or BioTronic handles with the built-in fingerprint reader. Read more.


Question: I am looking for a network access control solution for our company. Can you help me out and advise?


Answer: Yes, gladly. We have fantastic solutions. Call us or write about your project and we will respond within 24 hours with free advice and offer.

Enkraten sistem na prstne odtise iz nerjavečega jekla
Uporaben tudi z večtočkovnim zapiralom
Varen in zanesljiv
T501 imageT501 image




BioTronic Reader
Flush or Wall mount
why buy a fingerprint lock
BioTronic Handle
with fingerprint reader
round 33 mmround 33 mm
We make it easy 2
FV100 4

Automatic detection cctv
WiFi Intercom  2
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