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Fingerprint lock LP805

Fingerprint lock LP805A

Can be used with handle operated mortise or standard locks
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LP805 Fingerprint Lock - The best sold fingerprint lock in Europe!

LP805 Standard (entry mode: Fingerprint and/or PIN code)  

LP805/A (FP+PIN+with build in cylinder and key override)

Take a good look at Order Form when ordering lock's opening mode: 

Right Push or Pull, Left Push or Pull.

Make sure you are buying the right lock for your door.  


Warranty period: 1 year

Battery: AA size Alkaline battery x 6

Emergency batery : DC9V

Dynamic power consumption: 90-190mA

Static power consumption: <30 A

Fingerprint Scanner: Optical CMOS

FAR (False acceptance rate): < 0.0001%

FRR (False rejection rate): <0.01%

Scanning time: <1 second

Backup method: manual key override (model LP805/A)

Number of Fingerprints (users): 99 (recommended 30)

NUmber of PIN codes: 99 (first two are Master PIN codes)

Working temp.: -20 - 50C

Working humidity: 20 to 80%

Door thickness: 3cm - 9cm

CE, EMC, FCC, IP54 certified 

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